Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey, remember when Vickery's still existed and it was awesome?

How tragically poignant is that now-historic photo date over there in the corner. I loved Vickery's so much I took my whole family there after graduation and ordered the same rice and beans I ordered every day before that for the same 2 dollar penalty and I loved it.

I did slightly upgrade in getting a blue moon but it was still happy hour, yo
(btw- those are not my parents, just some fellow hat lovers who i am casually semi-related to)

Here, are my parents who I captured for the first time on film simultaneously expressing their classic before and after facial expressions in reaction to an innapropriate yolk, most probably being told at this moment by yours truly

stage 1: mild interest meets immediate fear

stage 2: slight dissapointment/ amusement (Curtis Jarva often uses the same mode of expression for multiple if not all emotions) meets fulfilled expectations of public dissapointment/ embarassment/ child-rearing regret (very possibly featuring newly lit cigarette on opposite side of lens)

Fortunately, I was present at Vickery's last night in town although I had eaten some bad tabouli (which I should have known was bad since I stole it from the above persons' apocalyptic basement stock of inedible foodstuffs purchased on sale at The Christmas Tree Shop*) and threw up in the Vickery's bathroom for the first (and sadly(?) the last) time ever. le sigh.

Here is a memorial photo of Chelsea and Brandon smoking/ not smoking their last cigarettes at Vickery's lush outdoor patio.

And here is Renee's last night as Vickery's waitress and Will's last stint as creeper (hahahaha, not)

R.I.P. black beans and rice, pbr one dolla', wednesday(?) night jello shot, tater tot tinfoil platter, cigarette safe haven, & drunk afternoon time...if not for you Alex Johnson may have actually attended an African art class,

* If you did not know The Christmas Tree Shop sold food, good for you.
If you do not know what The Christmas Tree shop is or entails,
I salute you


SMS said...

Ya know, the peeps in your family get so much better lookin' as you work your way down the food chain. Just sayin'.

Grant said...

looking back in time is so weird


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