Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a dream!!!!: dino-edition

I had a dream one night,         which i thought you might like,

                                                 this sounds like a rhyme!                     ...but its not.


                 I am at Rachael (Hayes) house and she has a big family. We are in the living

room watching her family watch tv and I guess the

Kardashians are part of her family. There are three pregnant Kardashian

sisters ( yes, three) sitting in a row on one couch. Kim Kardashian is not pregnant and is sitting

by herself, looking surly, on an opposite couch. Then it is suddenly 1:00 am and Rachael groans (we were

supposed to have gone out much earlier). We are

standing next to a large cuckoo clock which starts chiming...then

her uncle comes into the room dressed in a dinosaur outfit and stuffs

something into the clock and then sort of chirps at me. We leave the

house and Paul calls me (in reality he was sleeping next to me). So I am on the phone with Paul who is also in

a dinosaur outfit

so I tell him about the uncle and he asks if the uncle had bought the

costume or if it was home-made. I tell him I'm pretty sure he made it himself since it's a Dino-stume...

but Paul insists that it must be store-bought and the same one as his. He seems upset about this. I wonder

if there is a new television show I dont know about starring dinosaurs or if this is a new trend.

**sidenote: if you want to check out you can! I didn't.
so i have no further advice concerning that! sweet dreams!!!

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