Thursday, October 6, 2011

alternate usages for thIphone: volume I

If you're like me, you still have an iphone despite several focused attempts at losing it forever. 

-Are you bored yet? 
-Have you forgotten about that plan you had to learn how to utilize thIphone apps and better your disorganized life via technol0gy? 
-Have you taken too many photos with thIphone to take anymore photos with thIphone?
-Or filled thIphone up with so much music there's no room left to download those Ricky Gervais podcasts??
-Have you started thinking of thIphone as more of a slender black brick you are perpetually trying to keep from falling out of your back pocket?

If so, I have news for you. ThIphone not only serves as an unrelenting hinderance to real life living in addition to a walkie-talkie! It also makes for an excellent garlic masher! The smooth back of thIphone crushes a clove of garlic to perfect outer skin removal/ garlic enzyme release status without leaving nasty forks marks and/or splitting your garlic into unseemly shreds. 

*Remember! Never cut your garlic!  To mince is to err, my friends. 

yours truly demonstrates possible alternate usage techniques for thIphone at weird western museum in l.a.

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