Thursday, October 13, 2011

shlameil! shamozzle!!

"Oh Laverne, if you stop dreaming,,, you may as well drown yourself in milk and pepsi!"

Hopfn Sef Incorporated!

yesterday i was watching an episode of laverne & shirley where they were supposed to have wrestled two other girls and are wearing pink leotards and tutus and laverne does an impression of "marlon brando in on the waterfront" and its the whole "i coulda been a contendah" bit but she does the whole scene and i was thinking how strange it is that everyone knows that reference without necessarily knowing where it comes from. i wonder how many people recognize that reference compared to how many people have seen that movie. i've never seen on the waterfront. i have seen a streetcar named desire...i have citizen kane on vhs but i keep thinking its too much pressure. 

marlon brando styling: fashion for fall?
the other thing is in the monologue when laverne does the "i coulda been a contedah" part of the scene it is so not a catchphrase in that its not any kind of stand alone statement...but that little part became like the ultimate catchphrase. sidenote: i've decided its ok to use like in writing because fran lebowitz does it i'm pretty sure, or at least when she's talking.

conclusion: catchphrases are a weird phenomenon.

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kevin said...

it's a great movey. "kid, this ain't yer night." good blog


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