Saturday, January 14, 2012

one, two, three


How often does Star magazine reprint the "40 best and worst beach bodies" issue? I'm pretty sure they could run that cover every other week and no one would notice.



Do I have an irrational attachment to red-headed girls? What does this mean in relation to my irrational attachment to Charlie Brown? Do I have an irrational attachment to Charlie Brown? Is there a reason "the little red headed girl" is the only answer I ever got right for our "team" at a trivia night!?!?!



me vs. red headed girls vs. 


What was that girl from Marylou's name? Lindsay Drinkwater? Where in the world does the last name Drinkwater come from!?

^This was as far as I got in figuring that one out but its really true?

1 comment:

kelsey.barton said...

Ginga's love Jess. Jess loves Gingas. Complete circle.


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