Sunday, July 8, 2012

dreams, dreams, dreams

So I have a dream blog and I keep it private because I guess if someone was really weird they could make me feel weird aBOUT it and yeah, dreams are pretty fucking weird sometimes, aren't they? My extremely latent hope is that someday something will come from quasi-religiously recording my dreams. Mostly, its a backup hard drive for my occasional egocentric/situational spouts of believing my dream has happened before the reality of whats happened has happened so if I keep recording all the dreams I remember and one of them happens I can go back and say see, see I dreamed this would happen (for the record, this has happened) (in a semi-legit-manner)). The dreams I put on this blog, however, are usually about Dinosaurs or friends of Dinosaurs and (situationally) friends with Dinosaurs, and are "published" here for what I suppose would be comedic value. Anyway when I don't have a computer (like when I'm in Quebec hello long weekend nuclear family vacation) I writer a dream I remembered down with the idea to scan them onto the computer-ware and stick them in the private blogosphere (I guess Danielle and Max are friends of my dream blog actually so if you are also putting something out there and would like to be a looker of my dream blog holler at me and you can look at someone else's random dream trends) that is my dream blog-- Anyways, after scanning these two suckers into the internet I liked the composition and the way they looked (blahblahblash) and I saw them on my dream blog and I thought you know- I can barely blog on my "real blog" and here I am hiding my pretty thoughts away. Which is a lot like the subconscious, if you think about it. Which is a lot like dreams, if you read about it. Which has been quite a bit refuted if you read about it more recently, but whatever. See, sometimes people think too much.

I didn't dream these dreams in Quebec but I looked at them there and on the drive back to Massachusetts we listened to a lot of "dream" songs and a lot of Roy Orbison so all day I've been sort of thinking about dream songs, (which could and should lead me to John Berryman but this is already a lot longer than I intended so I won't go there)  but more so I think Roy Orbison has an unprecedented amount of dream songs and I love him. Thats the conclusion.

Blue Angel
In Dreams- Roy Orbison

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