Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tracy Morgan on The View vs. Whoopi Goldberg for "Poise"

"I don't create nothin' but stalkers" -Tracy Morgan on The View (is awesome)

That Whoopi Goldberg "sometimes-I-piss-myself-just-a-bit-isn't-it-funny-I-wear-this-pad!" commercial, however, really gives me the uh-oh feeling.... 

I don't understand when it became cool or necessary (let alone effective) to make these gross PSA-esque commercials about the difficulties of "truly" wiping your ass... is this really a big secret problem we all struggle with? Is Charmin really blowing the lid off a previously taboo epidemic here??

Why, Whoopi, why could you not stick with pudding!?

Edit* for those of you without television or excessive spare time, try to watch this video without at least cringing. 

Its sort of like she's raping your imagination isn't it?? Pissing in your mouth???!?

...No?  ...Just me??

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