Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have another dream! Darwin edition:

I am driving in the car, going to do my errands, it seems like i'm on storrow drive, and i see what looks like a giant man-made bird flipping over itself and falling out of the sky. and then i see another one. and then i notice people are on these things that look like giant trapezes. they are holding onto the trapeze and its swinging them up into the air really really high. but people are doing it and they don't look like they are trained to and they aren't dying or losing their grip like they probably would in real life. I wonder what is going on because it must be some kind of festival but im on storrow drive so i can't see anything but the trapeze people and i know i slept in late and missed my ADD appointment (true). then i am in some kind of store like a walmart or a toys r us. i guess this is an errand but i don't know what i was going to buy. this little boy runs up to me and grabs my hand and he wants me to put revlon lip stain on him. he is a really cute little boy with a square-ish head and black hair. he looks like a cartoon. His father is there and he keeps telling the boy (maybe his name was Kyle) to stop it and leave me alone, but hes not very commanding about it and Kyle does not care. He just keeps leading me around by the hand and I put the lipstain on him. For some reason I have to buy the lipstain but i buy it without going to the register. I think I put Kyle in a shopping cart breifly. I really like him or else I wouldn't be bothered. Then the dad sees how I'm still there and hanging out with Kyle and he tells me all about their awesome babysitter for some reason and it seems like he thinks I'm trying to be friends with Kyle in order to get a job. I wonder how he feels about the lipstain and if he knows I had to buy it for his son.

rough sketch of dream boy kyle

Then I am listening to Scarlett Johansen and she is talking to Woody Allen, and I don't think Woody Allen ever says anything but I know he's there. She is talking about Darwinist economics in a way, which I know is because they are taling about darwinist economics on npr (in real life), but she is putting it into her own terms, like in concern to her and ryan reynolds i guess. she doesnt say as much but i can tell she's rationalizing the failure of their marriage through darwinist theory. this proves true because she ends up saying how ryan was going to build her a 32 million something mansion and she'd really be fine with a 16 but then imagine how hard it must be for people in the middle! it was sort of like she just realized that some people are poor.

dark blonde with a middle part-- scarjo don't remind me nooo

 this is a weird celebrity dream for me because I'm not particularly invested at all in Scarlett Johansen or Ryan Reynolds...other than a slight latent dislike I harbor for Scarlet based on people telling me I looked like her in her awkward teenage years (ie the horsewhisperer) when I was in my awkward teeenage years or any movie thereafter where she didn't wear any makeup and seemed to always have her mouth hanging slightly ajar (ie girl with a pearl earring) which I took to mean that we were both big-lipped and dumb looking and/or slightly handicapped.

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