Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hoppy Halloweeeeeeen!!

Everyone I have shown this photo has responded exclusively to how great JZ looks in a wig, except for my mother who added and you look like whos-that-girl, ANNIE      *side caption- (I was going for black albino)

First off, I decided that next year I'm going to be a rabbit for Hullow's eve so that I can go around flapping my paws and saying "Hoppy Halloween!" John the Fein-bot is supposed to remind me, so remember that JOHN if you're reading this.

damn she do look good tho

So last night on real Halloween we went to Lynn to go to Salem to see the dead witch ghosts and drink Hennessy at The Passage Lounge Middle-eastern bar. 

John the Fein-bot as bear-bot

John the bear-bot attacks the KaZ-bot

I decided my costume was an "allston zombie" and then I realized I was in Salem and no one cared and also that a man I thought was COMING OUT to me for the duration of our entire conversation was in fact, not coming out to me... And then I was back in Lynn thinking "we need to take some group shots" and also "i have an iphone" so i put it on a lamp shade and took the following "group shots":

So you can kinda see how well that went. "Group shot" is evidently a synonym for "solo shoot of the chandelier-lamp". I swear we looked good and halloweeny and we went out. We got it done. HALLOWEEN. CELEBRATED.

And then I woke up covered in sticky temporary tattoos with fake blood dried onto my face which- word to the wise- has the unsettling consistency and feeling of crumbs in the morning and none of the nutritional value. 10 minutes to 11:00 I rolled up at my granma's:

 I said "Do I look scary!?!?!"

And she said "What? Who's Gary?"

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